My Inaugural Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day

Crocuses Blooming on March 15, 2008

Crocuses Blooming on March 15, 2008

I’m so excited to be participating in my first Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day (GBBD). I can almost hear you asking, ‘What is GBBD?’. GBBD is the brainchild of fellow garden blogger Carol who lives in Indiana and writes about gardening on her blog called May Dreams Gardens.  Apparently, about three years ago, Carol came up with the idea of having garden bloggers post photos of something that is blooming in their gardens on the 15th of each month.  GBBD has been going strong ever since.

As you can see, I have posted a photo of several lovely crocuses quietly heralding the imminent arrival of Spring which happily is less than one week away.  In the interest of full disclosure, I have to tell you these crocuses are not actually in MY garden.  They are happily growing in my neighbor’s yard but since I can see them from my deck (and because I do not have even one bloom in my garden today) I have ‘adopted’ them as my own.

What does this ‘adoption’ tell me?  That I need to plant some of my own crocus bulbs or plant at least one late-winter flowering shrub.  The problem with dependable winter-flowering shrubs such as Pallida Witchazel (Hamamelis mollis ‘Pallida’) or Winter Flowering Jasmine (Jasminum nudiflorum) is that any flower buds will probably be eaten by the deer long before they have a chance to bloom.  I guess I have several months to figure out exactly what kind of shrub to add to my zone 6 garden that will bloom in the winter and not attract the deer.  If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know.

10 thoughts on “My Inaugural Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day

  1. We all borrow views from our neighbors’ gardens! I think crocus is one of the best spring bulbs…I might like them better then the dafs! But don’t tell the dafs!


  2. Welcome to Bloom Day! This was my first time participating in it too. The crocuses may not be yours this time, but I suspect that at this time next year, you’ll have some of your own that will look just as good.

  3. Welcome to bloom day! And here’s the secret: You can actually post about whatever makes your heart sing. Sure, some months it’s a blossom. But it might be a bird or a mushroom or even a potted plant inside. Of course, some Hamamelis would be awfully nice to have, but we’re just happy you’re joining us.

  4. I’d like to thank everyone for welcoming me to GBBD. You’ve re-confirmed what I already knew about gardeners -you are generous with your ideas and encouragement and always looking for the beauty in life! I’m really looking forward to many more GBBD’s.

  5. I like to call it a “borrowed view.” Why plant something if you can enjoy it in the neighbor’s yard. My next-door neighbor has a huge old Lilac that scents my garden every May. I’m happy to enjoy that, without having to take care of it myself. That said, there is something special about experiencing some flowers, such as Crocuses, up close and personal.
    I’m sorry about your deer problems, they will eat just about anything in winter, even Yew. The best thing to do is plant what you like, then douse it in deer repellent spray. The spray lasts for a couple of months, but you need to keep up with spraying new growth, such as buds. It also helps to alternate brands. I’ve used Liquid Fence, Deer Off & Plantskydd. To get a new shrub off to a good start, you could encase it in chickenwire for its first winter, or even its first year, if you don’t mind looking at chickenwire for that long. Good luck!

  6. How lucky you are to get to enjoy a lilac without having to care for it. The flowers are so fragrant that even if they weren’t so beautiful they’d still be one of my favorites.

    I’ve tried most of the deer repellants you listed but I’ve never heard of Plantskydd. I’ll have to look into it but to tell you the truth, my preferred method of dealing with deer is to try to use plants that are on the rarely browsed section of the deer-resistant plant list. Between the cost of the plants, the cost of deer repellant and the sheer frustration I feel when the deer ravage my garden, any other option really doesn’t work for me here in North Stamford.

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