Picture This Photo Contest Entry

Every month, the folks at Gardening Gone Wild have a Picture This photo contest and for the month of August the theme of the contest is ‘down on your knees’.  I’ve decided to enter a photo I took a few weeks ago in my garden when I was writing a blog post about Agastache and it’s role in my garden as a primary host for a variety of pollinators.

When I took this photo, I was crouched down in among several plants and scores of bees buzzing all around me and the Agastache.  Luckily they were so interested in the Agastache they didn’t give me a second thought.  While I love seeing, and hearing, the bees it was this butterfly that seemed the ideal subject for a photo.  It was very accomodating since it spent about 10 minutes flitting from plant to plant.  When it would land on an Agastache ‘Black Adder’ flower spike, it would literally walk around the entire flower spike sampling it over and over before moving on to the next spike. 

Here’s my entry for the August Picture This photo contest:

Butterfly sampling Agastache 'Black Adder'

Butterfly sampling Agastache 'Black Adder'

4 thoughts on “Picture This Photo Contest Entry

  1. Lovely. Isn’t amazing what you see when you spend time just sitting quietly amongst the plants and animals in the garden? I never realized butterflies were quite so hairy! Good luck with the contest.

  2. Good luck for the contest :-) I think the butterfly is beautiful, and for some reason the angle that you chose draws me in to the butterfly as well as the flower’s contrasting color.

  3. Thanks for all your kinds comments. My garden has been filled with butterflies this summer and I’m convinced the Agastache is the prime reason why. I’m planning to plant this fall in the hope of enticing even more butterflies to visit next summer.

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