Garden Bloggers Bloom Day – October 2010


It’s time to celebrate what’s blooming in our gardens again.  Here’s a peek into my southwestern Connecticut garden (zone 6).  A special thank you to Carol of May Dreams Gardens for hosting gardens bloggers from around the world on the 15th of each month – Garden Bloggers Bloom Day.

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9 thoughts on “Garden Bloggers Bloom Day – October 2010

    • Valerie, All in all, it’s been a mild fall so far here, but today the temps are falling the wind is gusting so I’m sure the garden will look a bit worse for the wear soon. Our first frost can’t be more than a few weeks away.

  1. Haven’t “visited” your garden for a while – it looks lovely. Some of the same plants are almost finished in my garden, like the solidago. I wonder if you being just those few miles further north makes a difference?

    • Monica, I imagine the slightly more northern location of my garden is the reason. That and the fact that I’m convinced my garden is a few degress cooler than my neighbors. Seems like my flowering shrubs in particluar always blooms several days later than the norm. It’s maddening when I’m waiting for the first flowers but I must admit I like it on the ‘downside’.

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