Clearing Snow & Ice Off of Trees and Shrubs

Snow covered bench in Stamford, CTConnecticut’s Boxing Day blizzard has come and gone and now it’s time for clearing away all the snow that Mother Nature left behind.

But before you rush out to whack all the snow of your trees and shrubs, take a look at this article I wrote for Stamford Patch on the proper way to clear away ice and snow from your plants so you don’t cause any additional damage.

4 thoughts on “Clearing Snow & Ice Off of Trees and Shrubs

  1. Excellent advice! Two years ago I encountered a heavy wet snow on a number of trees and shrubs. Unfortunately I was not so wise at that time and in my attempts to remove some of the snow branches were cracked and broken. Learning through my mistakes.

    • Unfortunately, I think we’ve all accidentally made matters worse when trying to dig out treasured plants. Waiting for the snow & ice to melt on it’s own can be harder than imagined!

  2. Great advice, Debbie. I make it a practice to gently shake snow from my shurbs while I’m clearing the nearby walkway and porch. But instead of a shovel I use a broom to shake from the undersides of branches.

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