National Wildlife Federation Ends Partnership with Scotts Miracle-Gro

A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.  ~ Margaret Mead

A few days ago, I wrote a post about the baffling partnership between the National Wildlife Federation and Scotts Miracle-Gro.

Ranger Rick waving

Ranger Rick has a new kick in his step... (Photo courtesy of

Well, it seems NWF has re-thought the judiciousness of the partnership. They just announced they are ending their partnership with Scotts Miracle-Gro.

NWF is stating that Scott’s “pending legal settlement related to events in 2008″ is the main reason for the rapid demise of the partnership. Certainly NWF wants as much distance as possible from a company that is paying $4.5 million to settle a lawsuit over selling birdseed that is toxic to birds.

But I’d like to think that all the negative backlash from stunned and dismayed NWF supporters — numerous blog posts, thousands of negative comments on the NWF Facebook page, and even an online petition to encourage NWF to break the partnership — had an even bigger effect.  One by one, we all made a difference!

Because, come on, it’s hard to believe NWF didn’t already know about a pending lawsuit from 2008. Who’s doing your due diligence over there?

Now What?

The National Wildlife Federation has lots of work to do to rehabilitate their reputation as an organization whose mission it is to “inspire Americans to protect wildlife for our children’s future” and as an organization that is worthy of your donations.

But in the meantime, if you’re serious about helping wildlife and not sure where to turn, I’d like to suggest looking for local organizations that need your support. They need your support, both money and time,too.

4 thoughts on “National Wildlife Federation Ends Partnership with Scotts Miracle-Gro

  1. So glad to hear this partnership was ended but as you point out, if the NWF was willing to go into a partnership in the first place, then what does that say about the state of their organization?

    • I agree. I realize NWF, and every non-profit, needs $$ to fund all their worthwhile programs. But it seems like they could partner with a better bed fellow next time.

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